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      A Perfect Guide on Most Beautiful Gemstone- Amethyst

      A Perfect Guide on Most Beautiful Gemstone- Amethyst

      Do you know about the most beautiful gemstones on the earth? Amethyst is one of the semi-precious and beautiful gems on the earth. Well, there is a lot to tell about Amethyst. In this post, we are going to explain about the meaning, history, quality factors, healing properties, and price of the Amethyst gemstone. So, let's take a look-

      What is Amethyst?

      Amethyst is an eye-catching purple form of quartz and most valuable gemstone in the world. It is considered one of the top parts in the list of five most popular gems. It is a hard gemstone which is used in jewelry pieces like rings, pendants, etc. The presence of iron and manganese forms the vibrant purple colour formation, and the purple colour symbolizes power, luxury, royalty, and ambition.

      The colour of Amethyst ranges from pale lilac to deep reddish-purple and also varies from transparent to translucent quartz. But a stone with a deep purple colour is the real amethysts. The most expensive Amethyst is "Siberian" deep purple Amethyst which comes with red and blue flashes or shades.

      Where is this precious Amethyst found?

      Amethyst belongs to the quartz or silicon dioxide family. Amethyst is found on North and South America and Africa continents with the largest deposits.

      The most famous producer of Amethyst is Brazil. Brazil processes more than two thousand tons of Amethyst per year in Zambia.

      What About Amethyst Cut?

      Many men and women like to wear rings or jewelry with amethyst gemstones. If you are an amethyst lover, then you should know about the amethyst cut. This precious stone can be faceted in any cut and can be used in rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Amethyst comes in large precise sizes, and that is why amethyst stones can be cut into ornamental pieces. The cuts of Amethyst are round, oval, pear, marquise, and cushion. By analyzing the quality of colour, it can also be shaped in an emerald cut or step cut.

      What are the healing properties of Amethyst?

      Being the most valuable and precious gemstone on the earth, Amethyst is well-known for the metaphysical and spiritual well being.

      This gemstone helps in enhancing the communication from the divine.

      The precious Amethyst also protects people from psychic attacks.

      It is well-known for counteracting negative energies from the environment.

      It helps in maintaining a positive aura.

      With the help of this stone, a person can induce a deep meditative state.

      It helps in expanding intuitive and psychic abilities.

      What are the Mental Benefits of Amethyst?

      Apart from having healing properties, Amethyst also has several mental benefits. Let's take a look at the psychological benefits of this valuable stone.

      Amethyst improves mental focus and clarity of an individual.

      It generates new ideas in mind.

      It helps in achieving the goals.

      Amethyst is highly known for improving decision making powers.

      It also improves cognitive function.

      It gives relaxation to the mind, and whole-body, i.e. relieves stress.

      It is the stone of passion, creation, and inspiration, thus sparks these three factors in persons.

      Amethyst Prices

      The price of amethyst gemstone of 1-10ct ranges from $5-$50/ct and $10-$80/ct for 10ct+.

      More About The Precious Amethyst

      No doubt! Amethyst is durable and affordable. It is also known as an ideal stone for casual jewelry. The hardness of this stone is seven and is strong enough to wear daily. When it comes to the zodiac sign, Amethyst is the birthstone of the zodiac sign Aquarius. A person with an Aquarius zodiac sign can wear Amethyst. The stone will work as a barrier against negative energies, unhealthy environment, lower energy, and stress. So, you can buy Amethyst Jewelry from the best online jewelry store.

      5 Tips For Buying an Engagement Ring

      5 Tips For Buying an Engagement Ring

      Not more, but choosing an engagement ring required answers to some common queries like White Gold or Yellow Gold? Diamond or Gold? Princess or Emerald cut? Nowadays, there are many factors that you need to consider while buying an engagement ring. Here, you will find some amazing tips for buying an engagement ring.

      Don't think more about the trend

      We all know that an engagement ring is a classic and forever symbol of love. Buying an engagement ring is not an easy task; it takes a lot of time, thoughts, research, and money. However, you need to purchase a perfect engagement ring as per your fiance style and future. You need to observe her current jewelry and know what style suits her the best. You must be familiar with her jewelry type. Do they like traditional jewelry or contemporary? Take clues from her jewelry type and buy a beautiful engagement ring.

      Be Particular About the Size

      Here, few men screw up while choosing the ring. You might be heard "Go big or GO home", but this is not the mantra because size is the most important factor that every individual should consider while purchasing an engagement ring. The engagement ceremony is one of the special moments and no one wants to break the happiness on that day for any reason. Do more emphasis on size instead of wasting your time on color and other stuff.

      Choose a Perfect Stone If Needed

      Well, most of the brides love to wear diamonds and gold rings, but some brides love to wear rings with gems. Consider the "four Cs" and select a beautiful stone to create a stunning ring. You can also select the stone as per your fiance's zodiac sign. It will be more beneficial in various life aspects as well.

      Know About the Stone History & Significance

      According to the Jewelry industry research and study, it is found that more than 85% of clients love to know about the background stories of gemstones especially the stories of gemstones. Every individual indeed likes to know where the metals and stones of the jewelry came from.

      Don't go alone for Shopping

      Engagement ring shopping is a daunting task- it is always best to take little help from friends and family. You can ask for jewelers’ recommendations to those friends who've gotten engaged and connect with those friends who are close to your fiance. With the help of your friends, you can choose a perfect engagement ring for fiance, and she will remember forever. You can visit usfinejewels.com for the best and exclusive engagement ring collection.

      Select the Shape of Diamond

      If your fiance is a diamond lover and you are going to buy a diamond ring for her, then don't forget to consider the diamond's shape. The shape of your selected diamond ring should be of your fiance's preference. At the most prominent and renowned jewelry stores, you will find an extensive collection of diamond rings with Round, princess, pear, oval, and heart shape. Princess cut is the most popular and beautiful shape for all types of engagement rings. You can go with this shape anytime.

      Choose the Setting of the Ring

      The setting is another essential factor to consider while buying an engagement ring. The setting of the ring comes in different patterns like Tiffany setting, eternity band, channel setting, bezel setting, pave, etc. Apart from that, you can also check the collection of eternity rings.

      Forget About the Price Tag

      When it comes to choosing the engagement ring, forget about the price tag because you are going to purchase a ring for your lifeline. Some women prefer to wear small size rings and less expensive diamonds. Some women prefer to wear a gold ring. So, get the ring, which is perfect for your girl, not the ring with a high price tag.

      So, if you are planning for your engagement and looking to buy a beautiful diamond ring for your finance, then visit Usfinejewels.com. At this store, you will find an exclusive collection of engagement rings along with gems.

      Buy a Beautiful Diamond Necklace or Pendant

      Buy a Beautiful Diamond Necklace or Pendant

      It is a fact that 99% of women like jewelry shopping and love to wear different jewelry. For women, jewelry is one of the most essential and favourite things that should be in their wardrobe. Sometimes, women get confused regarding the selection of a necklace or pendant. In this post, we are going to rectify this confusion by explaining how to choose a necklace for yourself. Apart from this by reading this post, you will get an idea on how to pick perfect diamond jewelry pieces, type of accessories, etc.

      Why Only Diamond Necklace?

      A different woman has different choices and opinions. But when it comes to stunning jewelry, then a diamond necklace is one of the perfect options to pick. It is true that when you give diamond pendants and necklaces to someone, then it brings a smile on the recipient's face. From ancient times, Diamond is considered one of the beautiful and forever stones. So, if you want to buy a necklace for you, then give preference to diamonds and add elegance to your attire.

      Know About the difference between a Necklace & Pendant

      A necklace is a jewelry piece that women wear around their neck, and a pendant is a stunning jewelry piece that hangs from the chain.

      If you want to choose a diamond necklace for your wife, fiance, and girlfriend, then select the style and length of the jewelry piece.

      What About A Necklace Length?

      The length of a necklace depends upon personal preference and the measurement of the neck. Don't forget to measure your neck length before buying a necklace or pendant. If you are going to buy a short choker necklace, then check the length of that particular piece. You can also go with a pearl necklace. Here is a note that long necklaces don't match with small pendants.

      Here is the list of length of diamond necklaces.

      Collar- 14 inches

      Choker- 16 inches

      Princess- 18 inches

      Matinee- 20 inches

      Stunning & Most Popular Designs of Diamond Necklace

      There is a wide range of diamond necklace types, but when it comes to buying, it becomes difficult to choose a perfect one. Here, you can see some popular designs and check what suits you best-


      The solitaire design comes with a single diamond; you can buy it for yourself as well as for gift purpose. It is classy in look and timeless. It suits every outfit.

      Classic Diamond Necklace

      Classic Diamond Necklace is a perfect jewelry piece or red carpet accessory.

      It is an ideal option for significant events and showy occasions. You can give this to your wife on your anniversary.


      This design comes with tiny diamonds and gems together. These types of pendants are ideal options for gifts. It creates a unique star-like shape.

      You can try it on any occasion.


      Halo-designed necklaces have a center diamond or gem which is surrounded with small diamonds and creates a beautiful look. It is versatile and elegant. It adds more sparkle and luxury.


      This design is perfect for personalized gifts. It is a fantastic option to gift your loved ones; this design contains a diamond letter. You can also buy such types of pendants for yourself along with your name letter.

      Getting knowledge about the designs and necklaces is not enough, it is also essential to choose the best jewelers so that you can get top-notch quality diamond necklaces and pendants. If you are looking for the best and renowned jewelers online, then get in touch with usfinejewels.com. At US Fine Jewels, you will get precious, stunning, and pure diamonds. So, take a look at the designs and choose your desired jewelry piece.

      Elements of ring resizing: The place to get the best deals

      Elements of ring resizing: The place to get the best deals

      Jewelry is known to enhance the beauty of a being; the jewelry is also a capturer of particular emotions and memories. The designs and different materials like gold and silver play their part for different people and their suitability. The best jeweler in the US can do it effectively.

      There are different categories of jewelry, and the type which is used by every gender proudly is rings. Whether the rings are a medium of fashion and decoration, or they have the story of love in the form of engagement rings.

      The beauty of delicate diamond rings or the simplicity of classic gold and silver rings has its significance. There are various reasons for the ring's size to be a misfit for you, and people are usually scared to resize their rings, but we are going to tell you the aspects of ring resizing and where you can have the best deal.

      Benefits of ring resizing: Ditch the doubts.

      The procedure of ring resizing is widespread, and many people get it done for reasons like weight loss or weight gain, and sometimes it is used because they want to change the placement of the rings. The procedure does not damage or corrupt the quality of the materials.

      If chosen the right ring store, the procedure will be done in less time and also cost-effectively. It is a better alternative to opt for as others are usually not effective or do not give good results. It also provides perfect size and comfort to your fingers.

      The customization of ring sizes is possible at various times, making the process flexible. It is very beneficial for priceless rings. The procedure is a great option to preserve precious and souvenir rings to pass onto generations. The method is useful for everyone.

      What are the procedures of ring resizing?

      For making a ring smaller in size, the jeweler generally cuts out the extra material from the back of the band and attach it, and polish it smooth and it is usually unnoticeable. In this process, you can have the additional content and use it for other jewelry, or you can sell it and get the money for it.

      For making a ring broad, the jeweler will stretch the band as much as is possible without weakening its strength, and the stretch works for minimal sizing, and it is effectively very smooth. If the size is to be way more extensive, then the jeweler will add the material, reattach it, and polish it evenly.

      Best possible deals available for ring resizing:

      For the procedure, it is always suggested to choose the trusted and experienced jewelers. The craftsmanship is essential in this process. Finding it offline is severe and also very costly, but for the rescue, there is an online store that does this process very effectively. This store is known to be the Best Jewellery Store in the USA, and you can conveniently get your services on the given link: usfinejewels.com. At this store, you will get the best and customized ring-resizing services at nominal rates.

      In the end, visit this store and ditch the doubts and resize your rings cost-effectively.

      Things You Should Know About Black Sapphire

      Things You Should Know About Black Sapphire

      Have you ever heard about Sapphires? Of course, most of you are familiar with this term, but do you know about Black Sapphire? If not, then take a look at this post.

      Here, we are going to explain the meaning, metaphysical healing properties, and jewelry of black sapphire.

      Nowadays, more than 50% of people wear gemstones, some people prefer to wear the gemstone for fashion, and some people wear gemstones as an astrology remedy. Gems play an essential role in various aspects of our life, and you can know more about the relation between astrology and stones from an astrologer. Here, we are talking about Black Sapphires. Let's get started with meaning.

      Black Sapphire Meaning

      Black sapphire belongs to the Corundum variety which is an aluminum oxide mineral. When it comes to the color of this stone, the hues of this stone ranges from dark brown, dark green, brownish-black, and blue as well. In ancient times, people considered the blue gem as a sapphire. But in recent times, the corundum of all hues excluding red and ruby are called sapphires.

      You might know that Sapphire is the stone of wisdom. So, black sapphire is known for bringing knowledge and confidence in an individual's life.

      This stone is connected with body energy forces and is known as a Grounding stone. Black Sapphire was found in the Australia continent. Another name of this stone is the talisman as it is beneficial for getting employment.

      In addition to this, black sapphire gives mental and spiritual forces while maintaining the balance of all chakras. If anyone wants to get the benefits of black sapphire, then he/she can wear black sapphire rings.

      Black Sapphire helps in eliminating evil spirits and negative energies from the body, mind, and soul. It makes people understand their responsibilities. Many astrologers say Black sapphire is a stone of strength, courage, and power. One of the great benefits of wearing black sapphire is that it gives the power of thinking. The wearer can make better decisions in their life, whether it is related to love or life. 

      What are the Metaphysical Healing Properties of Black Sapphire?

      Black sapphires calm the body systems and regulate the glands. This stone is also beneficial for eye health and positivity. Apart from that, it helps in removing tensions and impurities. Also, black sapphires are known for curing blood disorders and strengthening veins.

      Emotional Healing

      Black Sapphire is also known as an emotional healer. It works effectively in a very polite way. When someone is not able to respond in fights, then this stone gives the power to react and analyze what is wrong and what is right. In simple language, black sapphire gives power, strength and energy to the intuition.

      At the difficult times, this precious stone gives comfort, relaxation, and positive vibes. Apart from that, it helps in grounding people during meditation. It also helps in bringing lost love in your life and makes your relations enjoyable.

      Nowadays people are getting consumed about their studies and jobs because they are not satisfied, but a black sapphire wearer can think and analyze things calmly.

      So, if you are looking to buy beautiful black sapphires online, then visit usfinejewels.com.

      You will find an extensive collection of black sapphire gems, black sapphire jewelry, and rings. Usfinejewels.com is one of the best jewelers in the USA who is well-known for providing high-quality jewelry. So, what are you waiting for, place your order and gift black sapphire to your loved ones?